Engineering for Integration Automation



We possess know-how of production in the most diverse industrial lines as panel manufacturing, machinery, automation lines and much more.

Services and maintenance

Our technical team has high capacity and meets all the safety standards of the market, offering reliability and security in the services they perform.

Special projects

We use innovative technologies to serve the needs of our customers, generating solutions that add value to your business.

Expert advice

We have a team of experts in various corporate and industrial areas, always acting with transparency and collaboration, transferring knowledge into our clients’ organizations.

Branches of action


Services and projects involving technical staff, electrical engineering, mechanics, software and robotics.


Systems for business management, documents and data, applied with the highest technology in all solutions.

Information Technology

Sistemas para gestão de negócios, documentos e dados, aplicados com a mais alta tecnologia em todas as soluções.




“Provide solutions, products and services with quality assurance and excellence. Understand, meet and exceed customer expectations and collaborate to advance and recognize their business and their regions.”

“To broaden the recognition and performance at national and Latin American level through the improvement of people, processes and technologies.”

“EIA and its business must achieve customer satisfaction, deliver benefits and generate revenues to meet its commitments to suppliers and employees.”

Top Partners